Welcome to the NearDesk guide for locations.

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Not sure where to get started?
This is a simple guide to help you use the NearDesk platform.
NearDesk Receptionist – Quick Guide

We’re continually looking to improve this guide, so please feel free to feedback.

To get started, choose from the following topics:

The day in the life of a receptionist – how to log people in using the NearDesk system, add ad-hoc items and see who’s here with our TV page, changing the leaving time/charges.

Location, location, location – how to amend your location details, prices and images.

Getting paid – adjust a charge, view a snapshot of your monthly income, how to invoice us.

Meeting rooms – how meeting rooms work, setting up meeting rooms, booking as a user, linking your meeting room calendars.

Managing members – adding new users/residents, how partner codes work, managing companies & members, subscriptions and adding to members/companies.

Subscriptions and vouchers – advanced setup, how vouchers work, changing next month’s membership.

Card readers, tablets and other devices – Setting up a card reader, contacting us about door openers, TV screens, reception tablets.

Help & Assistance – If you need further help or assistance, please get in touch.

If you can’t see your problem, feel free to contact the location team on email or chat.