Installing the NearDesk Card Watcher Software

Currently our Card Reader software only supports Microsoft Windows based computers.  If you are using a different kind of computer such as Apple Mac, you can either move your users in and out manually or we may be able to supply you with a standalone device.

  • You will need sufficient privileges on your PC to install and run the software; this may require the assistance of your IT Support.

Install the Software

  1. Under the ‘Devices’ tab, click on ‘Download card reader software (Windows)‘ to start the download of the software.
  2. As the file is a zip file, you will need software such as Winzip or 7zip (free) installed on your PC to open and run the installation files – these are standard bits of software which may already be installed on your PC.
  3. Browse to your download folder and extract the ‘’ to the same location.
  4. Right click on the ‘NearDeskCardReaderInstaller.exe’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’ and confirm you wish to run this file if any pop-ups appear.
  5. Complete the installation wizard.
  6. Once it has installed, the settings window will pop up asking for you to enter a ‘Device Code’ – see below.

Set-up a Device Code

The device code effectively ties the card reader to the device it will be used on.

  1. Visit the NearDesk reception page (you’ll be prompted to log in).
  2. Under the ‘Devices’ tab, click on the ‘New Device Code’ button.
  3. Change the location and zone if applicable, otherwise just enter a name which identifies which device the code corresponds to e.g. “Reception Laptop”.
  4. Click ‘Add’ and you will be shown the generated code.  Either make a note of this or cut and paste it into the ‘Device Code’ in the setting window in the card reader settings page.
  5. Close the ‘Settings’ window and you’re done.

Test it’s Working

  1. Connect the NearDesk Card Reader to one of the available USB on your PC.  The red light on reader should turn on after a few seconds.
  2. With your the ‘Reception’ tab selected on your internet browser, place a NearDesk Card on the reader and you should immediately see details relating to that card appear on the screen.


If you have trouble downloading or installing the software, you may need to contact your IT support to assist you with this step.

If you have managed to install the software and enter the settings, but it is still not working, please contact us so we can assist.