Card Readers, Tablets and Other Devices

At the heart of NearDesk is the Member’s NearDesk Card.  Members can use this card on any NearDesk card reader we’ve supply to quickly sign themselves in and out of your location.  This means less of a management overhead and a more seamless user experience for your members.

NearDesk Card Reader – Once this device is setup, it can be used at reception to sign members in and out of your location.

Tablets –  Our reception kiosk, allows members and guests to quickly sign in and out.  All you need is a tablet, a card reader and a stand.

Door Access System – In some instances, it may be advisable to install our door access system.  This will allow members to use their cards to enter or exit a location, or may be used to divide your location into zones.  For instance, you may have a restricted area which is only accessible by resident users and not hot-deskers.


Having a problem with you card reader or just a particular NearDesk card? please read the following document which should help you identify the issue and the correct course of action:

Troubleshooting Problems with NearDesk Cards.pdf