Setting up a reception tablet with NearDesk

Our reception tablet enables locations to provide a professional sign-in experience for all members and guests with minimal hardware costs.

To setup a reception tablet you’ll need:

  • A Windows tablet and stand/keyboard
  • A NearDesk card reader
  • A NearDesk receptionist account
  • A location where the tablet can be easily seen upon arriving

Getting the hardware

First you’ll need either a Windows tablet, or a touchscreen Windows device. We recommend the following options:

You’ll also need your NearDesk card reader – please contact us if you haven’t already got one.

Setting up

It’s up to you how you choose to setup your tablet, our recommended approach is to create a standalone user (i.e. don’t login with your own credentials) and install minimal software to limit the possibility of abuse. Feel free to ask your IT team to configure the laptop how you see fit. As a minimum you’ll need to install:

Follow the instructions on how to install the card reader software – getting and setting up the device code for your card reader.

Loading the tablet interface

Once you’ve completed the steps above, the easiest part is next – just open up Chrome and go to: and enter the same code you used to connect your card reader earlier. Once it’s paired your code, you’ll be sent to your own personal welcome screen.

At this point, it’s worth setting the page as the tablet’s home page. Then I would adjust the shortcut to run Google Chrome in Kiosk mode. Finally you’ll need to copy that shortcut into your computer’s startup folder. Your card reader software should run automatically upon login automatically.

You should also consider adjusting your tablet’s power settings to make sure the screen doesn’t turn off whilst charging (we recommend leaving the tablet’s plugged in to make it easier to manage).


The card reader performs just the way it usually does, members can touch in/out as needed – the tablet just provides additional feedback on how long they have been in.

Guest functionality

For visitors, the system makes it easy for them to add their own details and choose who they are here to see. We’ll automatically send the member an email to let them know they are waiting.

Members can make it even easier by going to when logged into your location – there’s a pink ‘Guest expected’ button which let’s their guests get one-tap sign-in too!

29435699-886e-4167-ae92-55c3fdf790b6We’d love to hear your feedback about the reception tablet – please contact us and we’ll do our best to help where possible.