Becoming a Member of NearDesk

Anybody joining NearDesk will have to complete an online registration form.

  • The person must have a valid email address.
  • The person must be able either setup a Direct Debit or have a Debit / Credit Card which they are authorised to use to make payments with; or be part of company  which pays for their usage.

How to Join NearDesk

Ask the person to visit our website at and click on ‘Join‘ at the top the page.

From there, they should follow the instructions and set-up their payment details, or If they are expecting somebody else to pay for their usage, select the ‘Send me an email to forward to your billing contact‘ link which will automatically send them an email which they can forward onto the billing contact of their company.

Once this is done, they can decide how they will receive their NearDesk Card which is normally either by post, whereby the card will already be assigned to their account, or they can pick up a card at a NearDesk location, whereby the card can be assigned on-site.