Partner Codes

Partner codes are a powerful feature that allow us to provide bespoke packages and special deals to your members. Importantly, they allow us to track your members usage at other locations, for which you receive a percentage of their charges.  There are many other things Partner Codes can also provide a member with including:

  • Free time at locations through the automatic vouchers.
  • Membership of a particular group which may also provide additional benefits.
  • A free NearDesk Card.

These codes can be entered when a person joins NearDesk or they can be assigned a partner code later on.

New partner codes are can only be set-up, upon request, by NearDesk; please get in touch with a member of the team to discuss setting a Partner Code for your location.

Viewing the Partner Codes

  1. Under the ‘Users’ tab, select ‘My recruits’.
  2. From here you can add new users to an existing partner code.