Subscriptions and Adding to Members/Companies

Potential new members of NearDesk and your location can search and view the membership options at your location.  They can then pick up and sign up for a particular subscription.

As a NearDesk receptionist, you can also invite new non NearDesk members to take up a membership at your location.   You can also change an existing membership of a company or individual member.

How a user signs up to a new membership

  • The person must already have a NearDesk account.
  1. The user needs to log in.
  2. In the ‘Find places’ search box, enter either the postcode or area name of the venue they want to start a subscription with and either select from the list or hit enter.
  3. Click on the location they want to join and select the ‘All’ tab when it displays.
  4. Now select the ‘Memberships’ tab, browse the different membership options and click join when they’ve decided which one they want.
  5. They will be redirected to their bills page where they can view the membership they have subscribed to.