If a member has invited a guest to visit them at your coworking space , it is very simply to sign them in and out and to see a list of expected guests.

  • Guests are not charged by default, please contact NearDesk if you want to charge for guests.
  • If enabled, charges for the guest’s activity will be billed to the host’s account.
  • It is important that guests are signed out when the leave to avoid overcharging the member.

How to Add and Sign In a Guest

  1. Under the ‘Reception’ tab, find the member and select ‘Activity & Billing’.
  2. Enter the guest’s name and then either select ‘Here Now’ if the guest has arrived or ‘Expected Later’ if the guest to going to arrive in due course.

Cancelling an Expected Guest

  1. In the ‘Activity & Billing’, just select the small cross next to the guests name.

Signing a Guest Out

  1. In the member’s ‘Activity & Billing’, select ‘Has Left’ to sign the guest out.

How a Member can Add a Guest

  1. Log into your account and on your home page, select ‘Guest Expected’.
  2. Enter their full name and click ‘Add’.  The receptionist will now know you are expecting guest and will easily be able to sign them in.