Moving People In and Out of your Location

There are a number of ways a person can be moved in and out of your location on the system.  As well as manually, a member may also use their NearDesk card to tap in and out via a NearDesk card reader (if one has been set-up).

Manually from the Reception Dashboard

  1. Under the ‘Reception’ tab, type the name of the user in the search box until the user appears in the list below.
  2. To move a user in,  click on member to open which will open a pop-up window.
  3. Click the  ‘Move Inside’ button.  The user will now appear at the top of the list of people currently at your location.
  4. To move a user out, find them by scrolling down the list of people currently at your location.
  5. Select ‘Activity and Billing’ and on the pop-up window, click the ‘Has left’ button.

Note: Users will automatically be moved out on the system at the closing time set at your location.

Using the NearDesk Card

  1. A member can simply touch their NeardDesk card on one of the readers that we have supplied. The reader may be connected to a computer (normally on reception) with the NearDesk Card Reader app running, to a tablet with our kiosk mode on,  or may be part of our Door Access Control system.

NB There is 30 second delay on the card readers before a user can use them again to stop accidental double taps.