The NearDesk Card

All NearDesk members are issued with a NearDesk Card.  The card allows a person to quickly sign in and out of a location.  If a person is registering with NearDesk at a location, they can immediately be issued with a card.  If they are not at a location or are receiving an affiliated card from one of our partners, they may receive it by post.

  • You will need to have set up a NearDesk Card Reader unless you intend to do it manually.
  • The user will need to have registered on the system.

Assigning a NearDesk Card using the NearDesk Card Reader

  1. Under the ‘Reception’ tab, search for the registered user.
  2. Click on their name or photo to bring up their page.
  3. Place and hold a blank NearDesk card on the card reader.  Click on  ‘Assign Card’  and then remove the card from the reader and give it to the user.

Note: If you now place the card on the reader, it will move the user into the location and they may be charged.

Assigning a NearDesk Card Manually

  1. The user will need to log into their account.   They should select ‘Profile’ option from the dropdown menu which they can view by clicking on their name.
  2. Once on their profile page, they should select ‘NearDesk Card’ from their profile sub-menu.
  3. They should tick, ‘I already have a card’ and enter the card number that is printed on their NearDesk Card in the input box.
  4. They should then click on ‘Next’ and the card should be now be ready for them to use.