The Reception Dashboard

To have access to a location’s reception dashboard, you will need to be added to the reception group.  From the dashboard you can perform all of the day to day tasks such as moving users in and out and assigning NearDesk cards.

The Reception Dashboard comprises a number of tabs:

  • Reception – Search/Find users / Move Users In and Out / View Today’s Meetings / Add Guests,  Add Ad-hoc Charges / Adjust Users Times / Assign NearDesk Cards / change the status of your location / View TV Page
  • Users – Memberships / Ad-hoc Subscriptions / Admin Groups  / Usage Reports
  • Income – View Daily Income / Unclaimed Payments and Invoicing / Change User Times / Export Usage Report
  • Settings – Edit Location Profile Description  /  Edit Welcome Email / Add Meeting Rooms / Add Images / Create Subscriptions and Vouchers
  • Help – FAQ
  • Devices – Set-up Card Reader / Open TV Page